Spa Etiquette: What to Bring, What to Expect etc.

CHI Sanctuary

Day Spa Etiquette

  • We seek to make you as comfortable as possible and put your mind at ease during your time with us.

  • Our Therapists are very approachable and understanding so please ask questions at any time or voice any concerns or discomforts during your treatment - the sooner the better so we can make your treatment as wonderful as possible. You may wish the heating to be turned up or down, the volume of music altered or the pressure of the massage to be increased or decreased. Your comfort and enjoyment is our aim.

  • We advise wearing loose, comfortable clothing so you may remain as relaxed as possible when you leave us.

  • We offer disposable G-strings for men and women for body scrubs, however if it makes you more comfortable you may wish to keep your own underwear on and bring a fresh pair to put on after your treatment.

  • Towels are draped professionally over the body during treatments so you are kept discreet at all times and covered aside from the limb that is being worked on.

  • No swimming costumes are required with any treatment.

  • Sarongs are provided for our infra Red Sauna.

  • If you would like to wash your hair after your treatment or have a shower please feel free to ask to have a shower and we will provide Shampoo, Conditioner, Brushes and a Hair Dryer for you to use.

CHI Sanctuary


  • On your arrival we will sit you down with a glass of water so you can begin to unwind and balance whilst you fill out a consultation sheet.

  • We will start your treatment approximately 15 minutes after.

  • If you have filled out a form prior we still generally need this 15 minutes to change over.

  • If you are a little late we will do our best to give you your full treatment time, however sometimes we may have to cut your treatment slightly short at the same charge.

  • Unlike other Spas and salons, time for your consultation is not taken out of your treatment time so you get the entire time on the massage table to absorb the benefits.

Mobile Phones and Children

  • As a courtesy to others and to allow you to truly relax please switch off mobile phones upon entering the Day Spa.

  • Children must be quiet if they attend.