Prices are current from May to June 2018, but all Services, Products & Prices are subject to change without notice.
Due to increased costs on Sundays & Public Holidays, a 10% surcharge is applied on these days.


WARNING: Hydrotherapy treatments aren't available to pregnant or breast feeding clients or those with High Blood pressure. The Infra Red Sauna however, is clinically proven to lower High Blood Pressure.

Japanese Private Bathing Suite Experience

Drawing from the bathing ritual traditions of Japan & accompanied by a modern Tea Ceremony. Centred around Zen mindfulness enjoy a peaceful place for a self body scrub & surrender into an aromatic soak bath of tantalizing lime, grapefruit, rose geranium & lavender prior to lounging on your day bed overlooking the courtyard garden.

Duration: 60 minutes

  • $85
  • $50 each for Couples
  • $40 each for 3 or 4 persons

Infra Red Therapy

Operating at a far lower temperature than conventional saunas, sit back in the healing colours, aromas & music whilst the warm rays relax the mind & muscles. Brilliant for fluid retention, weight loss, muscle & joint tension, migraines, flu symptoms, chronic fatigue & high blood pressure. Strongly detoxifies the liver & heavy metals whole body, improves skin conditions & boosts energy levels.

Duration: 30 minutes

  • $45
  • $60 each for Couples

10 Session card

  • $220

Spiced Chai Tisane Cocoon

A beautiful steam treatment beginning with a 'Spiced Chai Tisane Body Scrub'. Fragrant & stimulating Indian spices of green tea, star anise, cinnamon, black pepper & cardamom are infused. Your scalp & neck are massaged whilst the body is steamed & showered lying down. A delicate vanilla bean & shea butter whipped moisturiser lavish with hydration to close.

Duration: 50 minutes

  • $120

Moroccan Melt Hammam Envelopment

A Moroccan Hammam ritual draws inspiration from the Rhassoul wellness ceremonies of the east. Opulent & precious botanicals are blended to create a richly hydrating ritual. Begin with an exotic vanilla bean deep exfoliation massage followed by a crème & clay masque infused in the steam cocoon, incorporating crushed coffee, precious Moroccan Rose, Peru balsam, Geranium & lashings of molten cocoa butter. Vichy showers rinse & ground, then the skin is treated to a full body massage application of an aromatic blend of Calendula, Geranium & vanilla.

Duration: 90 minutes

  • $210